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免费英语学习资料:《权力的游戏》第四季首播导致HBO Go崩溃的启示

2015-07-24 15:27   类别:   来源:BBS   责编:汪稳稳

Sunday night’s season 4 opener for Game of Thrones wasn’t just fantastic television, it was also HBO’s most-watched hour of TV since The Sopranos went off the air with a black screen in 2007. According to The Hollywood Reporter Game of Thrones attracted 6.6 million viewers at 9 p.m., up 2.2 million from last year’s season debut.

在周日晚间开播的《权力的游戏》(Game of Thrones)第四季并不仅仅是精彩绝伦的电视剧,也是热门剧集《黑道家族》(The Sopranos)在2007年停播以来,HBO电视台收视率最高的电视节目。根据《好莱坞报道》(The Hollywood Reporter)的数据显示,《权力的游戏》在晚间9点时段吸引了660万观众收看,比去年第三季首播的收视人数增加了220万。

And that was just the folks who watched the show on traditional TV. Many more went online to watch the show on HBO Go. So many people tried to watch that the site got overwhelmed and crashed.

这个数字只包括那些通过传统电视收看节目的观众。更多的观众涌向网络,通过HBO Go网站收看这部电视剧。因为观看电视剧的人数太多,这家网站因不堪重负而崩溃。

The same thing happened during the season finale of True Detective last month.

上个月电视剧《真探》(True Detectives)播出第一季大结局期间,该网站也发生过同样的事情。

The site crashes means one of two things — either HBO isn’t very good at anticipating how many people want to use HBO Go or way more people are using the service than anticipated.

这家网站崩溃只能意味着两件事——要么HBO电视台不太善于预计希望使用HBO Go服务的用户数,要么是使用这项服务的人数大大超过预期。

It’s likely the latter.


In theory, there is no standalone option for HBO Go. You need to also be paying for cable service in order to access the shows online. You authenticate that you are a cable subscriber with a cable company user name and password when you try to log on. So who were all of these people crashing the system? If you can watch it live on TV, who would watch it on the Internet instead? Maybe people who were just too lazy to DVR the thing and wanted to watch it in between showings? Or maybe they were people who were watching it in rooms that don’t have TV?

从理论上讲,人们并不能单独选择HBO Go服务。若要在线收看电视节目,你得先付费订阅有线电视服务。要登录这家网站,你需要输入有线电视公司的用户名和密码,验证你作为有线电视用户的身份。那么导致系统崩溃的都是些什么人呢?如果能通过电视收看直播节目,那有谁会在互联网上观看?也许是那些太懒而没有用数字硬盘录像机把节目录下来,而又想在播出间隙观看的人?也许是那些在没有安装电视机的房间里收看节目的人?

Or maybe they don’t have cable at all. There’s nothing stopping people from using their friends’ or family members’ authentication code to access HBO Go. So if your mother has HBO and you don’t because you’re a poor college student, she can just give you her authentication information and you can watch as much HBO Go as you want.

也许他们根本就没有订阅有线电视。这不能阻止人们使用亲朋好友的身份验证码来访问HBO Go。因此,如果你的母亲是HBO电视台的用户,而你不是,因为你只是个手头拮据的大学生,那么她就可以把她的验证信息的给你,你就可以通过HBO Go服务随意收看更多的节目。

The ethics of this are debatable. Many people would consider this stealing. HBO’s CEO Richard Plepler has said he’s not overly concerned with people borrowing authentication passwords, although he’s not exactly encouraging the practice. The stealing could be viewed as a kind of advertising cost. Get young people hooked on the shows and when they have the money, they’ll subscribe on their own.

这种做法道德与否仍值得商榷。很多人会认为这样做是盗窃。HBO首席执行官理查德•普莱普尔(Richard Plepler)表示,他并不过分担心人们借用身份验证密码的行为,尽管他完全不鼓励这种做法。这种借用可以被看做电视台的某种广告成本。让年轻人对这些电视节目着迷,等到他们有钱的时候,就会订阅有线电视服务。

But the crashing might point to an even bigger problem or opportunity for HBO (depending on your point of view). If so many people want to watch online, why not offer HBO Go as its own service? The premium network could potentially tap a whole range of young viewers who are cord cutters.

但是,这次网站崩溃究竟是为HBO电视台暴露了更大的问题,还是展现了更大的机遇,这取决于你的看法。如果这么多人想在网上收看节目,何不让HBO Go变成独立服务?这个付费服务网站可以开拓潜在市场,吸引大量退订有线电视服务的年轻观众。

Time Warner's HBO can’t offer a standalone option right now because it would seriously anger its cable partners. Companies like Comcast

实际上,隶属于时代华纳(Time Warner)的HBO电视台现在不能提供独立服务,因为这种做法会激怒该公司的有线电视合作伙伴。康卡斯特(Comcast)等公司依赖于深受欢迎的HBO Go服务,对那些考虑退订有线电视服务但又不想错过《权力的游戏》等热门剧集的观众起到震慑作用。如果这些观众不再被迫付费订阅有线电视,那么退订有线电视的用户可能开始大量增加。

Comcast rely on the popularity of things like HBO Go to act as a deterrent to people who might be thinking about cutting the cord but don’t want to lose shows like Game of Thrones. If those viewers no longer had to pay for cable access, cord cutting could start to seriously accelerate.


Everyone in the business quietly acknowledges that eventually, channels will start being offered online. Just look at Dish’s recent deal with Disney that gives the satellite company the right to offer Disney channels as an online only option.

HBO Go网站的两次崩溃表明,观众对HBO在线收看服务有巨大的需求。HBO电视台下次和有线电视合作伙伴谈判时,这可能成为其讨价还价的筹码。

The two HBO Go crashes shows that there is overwhelming demand for an HBO online offering. That could be a bargaining chip the next time HBO renegotiates with its cable partners.


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